pilots needed ??? For the infantry

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pilots needed ??? For the infantry

Post by :FI:Dutchman » Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:00 am

Hi Soldiers.

I proudly present that the FIP now got the folowing active soldiers In Battlefield Bad Company 2:

FI Ardmore
FI Armitage
FI Brainman
FI Crazypro
FI Bowingbob
FI Deadhand
FI DerHelmut
FI Dutchman
FI Genosse
FI Macca
FI Moog
FI Rules
FI Wolfhound

wich pilot is next ??

Battlefield bad company 2 is now for sale for a very low price...


I hope everybody can pick up his gear for the Good Old CaTT* evening

What we do is:
We pick an empty server and choose the gametype Squad Deamatch in this session there are 4 teams (almost all FI's if we show up) who battle eachother out, and in the same time we can ask eachother and learn from eachother and practice right away.

This is a good way to train the platoon and get ready on the 25th of oct for battlefield 3

I hope i can welcome some new recruits on tuesdays' be there around 19:30 European time.

* Combat and Tactical Training



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