So BoM is on it's way

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So BoM is on it's way

Post by :FI:Sneaky_Russian » Sat Aug 01, 2015 6:37 pm

Dear pilot!

July is over and now is a perfect time to sum up how effective Q3’ of 2015 has been and how many parts of our dev. plan has been met. Also, what great new features are coming up within a couple of months?

On July 7th we released version 1.101 that introduced about 50 improvements and new features. Some of them were anticipated and wished for: additional graphic settings such as, optional HDR and SSAO and the free camera mode returned (the beloved “F11 key”). We also increased the max players per server limit to 64 - these are just some from the long list of version 1.101 improvements.

Along with the update we started the long-awaited Early Access for IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Moscow! This was an important step in the project's development; thanks to the help of our testers we managed to start Early Access as scheduled, without any delay.

Everyone who preordered the Premium edition of Battle of Moscow (or plans to pre-order it later) have received invitations to the first test flights within the Early Access program and experience the new I-16 type 24.

Meanwhile, we keep working on new content for Battle of Stalingrad. We’ve practically finished the summer map and work on the fall seasonal version has started. To go along with the new maps, we will include a new “early” Battle of Stalingrad Campaign which will come equipped with a pack of changes and new additions related to the Campaign missions. To learn more about these new missions read Dev blog #102.

And in August 2015 early access to another BOM plane will be offered. Those players who purchased the Premium Edition of BOM will get the Italian MC.202 Series VIII in just a couple of weeks. Testers are already flying this particularly interesting bird to help us release it on time. Check out the gameplay screenshots with the Macchi that we posted earlier in Dev blog updates #92 and #103, and prepare to use this beautiful weapon in the virtual skies soon.

"The marksman hitteth the target partly by pulling, partly by letting go. The boatsman reacheth the landing partly by pulling, partly by letting go." (Egyptian proverb)
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