BOS and ROF Christmas Sale, Plus big ROF update

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BOS and ROF Christmas Sale, Plus big ROF update

Post by :FI:Blue2 » Sat Dec 20, 2014 6:50 am

Posting this here so people don't have to log in to see it....
If you weren't aware, there was a major update to ROF a couple of days ago, which includes quite a few flight model changes, many of which have LONG been requested. Judging by ROF forum, this may revive activity there considerably.
That patch also merged ROF with 777's new Ilya Muromets game.

Also, Christmas sales are on.
For both ROF, it's 60% off all planes except the russian bomber, as well as all field mods, weapons, maps and personalization packs, now through 2 January 2015.
For BOS, both standard & premium versions of the game are 25% off, while both "premium" planes are 50% off. (Note: if you don't own the game, buying standard version + FW190 + La-5 is currently CHEAPER than buying the premium version, so take note if you decide to jump on this.)

I plan to spend time with both sims over the holidays when at home. Hit me up if you'd like to meet & fly with a wingie. :D


**EDIT** All FI Squad members, please go read my "Christmas Giveaway" post in the "Squadron" section.
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