DWI - DCG Web Interface

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DWI - DCG Web Interface

Post by Nephris » Sun Jun 30, 2013 4:34 pm

As we already spoke about that topic, I want to keep the stone rolling.
Am using this sub forum, as I think it is the best fitting, maybe u want to move the thread.
I created a small overview on how it could work, or at least to have an theretical approach.
Of course we would need to think about interests on how or if we will go on in Il2 Sturmovik on sunday evenings in future.


(if u cant read the right bar, fullscreen you browser)

The idea is to get individual access for each team to DCG via a web surface.
A kind of simple commander tool, one knows from SEOW for instance.
However as DCG isnt a dogfight born tool, the access will be limited.

A team gains credits via kills. The credits can be of different value by a multiplier, a human kills weights more than an AI kill, a tank kills weights more than a static kill etc.
The sum of all credits can be used to buy new material like more plane, more tanks ,maybe upgrades, more supply columns, more fuel (moveability) and more supply (spawn rate).
Bought material reaches the game via commands of a DCG own file called timetable.dcg, which is a simple text file.


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