Jan 26

Screenshots 25 Jan 2015



Find the some screenshots taken from the IL-2 BoS online session in our Screenshots section and enjoy them…


Dec 31

More FIS RoF skins available!

More FIS RoF skins available!


do you remember the FIS skins for the Breguet, Nieuport 17 & 28 shown here a couple of weeks ago? With the latest RoF update to 1.034 (!!!) you can also download the Community Fictional Skinpack No.16 containing these FIS skins …

Cheers, folks! And a Happy New Year to all of ye! :D :)

Dec 29

IL-2 BOS Squadron skins

Possible Squadron Skins?


look at a collection of images of possible FI squadron skins for IL-2 BOS on our forum and leave your comments or share your ideas about your own ones there, pls!


Dec 25

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, folks!

WHObilation Time!

Nov 20

P.11 X-Mas Shoot Up 2014



as every year I’d also like to announce this year’s IL-2: P.11 X-Mas Shoot Up. Usually we … read more here!


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