Oct 03

Screenshots 01 Oct 2014



Find the some screenshots taken from the RoF online session in our Screenshots section and enjoy them…


Aug 05

We need your votes … again!

Breguet 14 FIS Palastine skin


we’d like to get your votes on the latest FIS skins for the next official RoF Fictional Skin Packs on the following RoF forum pages …

Why waiting, folks? Here we go! :D

Jul 30

Rise Of Flight Update 1.033




Start your RoF Launcher and get the latest 1.033 patch (394 MB) containing the Hanriot! More information about the patch you’ll find here

Catch you later over the Fields Of Flandern, folks!

Jul 17

FIBOW Relaunched

FIBOW web site


it’s time to come together again and join the people flying Mikester’s FIBOW campaign on Hyperlobby every Thursday, Friday and Sunday starting at 0700 pm (British Time). For more information check out the official FIBOW web page, pls!


Mar 17

Happy St Patrick’s Day, folks!

Happy Paddy's Day!

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